Lonely Valentine….

Are there any singletons out there? If you’re like me and you’re not celebrating you may want to treat your self anyways because you can^^

So moving away from all the reds and pinks I wanted to keep it sweet. Black, white and glitter just looks so good together.




Hope you have a Happy Valentine’s day and may you one day find your future other half…



Just playing around because I’m ill. I love the feel of the paisley pattern on my nail.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year. Hope all is well for everyone.  I’ve certainly had a busy year with being at work all the time especially this Christmas and New year.  I feel so sad I didn’t have time to do any Christmas themed nail art. I had all my ideas written down ready for it too. Roll on next Christmas!

So new year, new me. First nail art of 2014. I really like this combination of colours. The good thing about drawing lines is it makes your nails look longer.  Just like wearing heels to elongate your legs.  Fashion tip.



So It is Movember month. I think it’s great that even such a simple thing like growing a moustache can help raise money for Cancer. It’s a shame that even such an illness exists. It’s just unfair. Money raised is put towards research and to help advise those who are suffering from it.

This is a cute mani to have fun with for this month. The moustaches were hand painted. It was so hard to do. I found a way of doing it though.

I fully recommend boujois’ black nail varnish. This one has a nice texture. It’s smooth to apply and the brush has a nice shape. The price is affordable and OPI is good too but for simple plain black nails this one is good. Save your money for OPI’s special collection or interesting colour shades that you can’t get anywhere else.

Well, I hope you all enjoy this Winter Season. Remember to wrap up warm, put on those wooly gloves and, most importantly, moisturise your hands well.

IMG_0229edit IMG_0246 IMG_0255edited IMG_0263edited


So this is a quick mani for the occasion. I absolutely love neon orange and this is the perfect Colour for the base. You can add some dark colours over it if you want to keep it a low profile but still want to reveal this bright colour. It hints Summer but also says Winter. I sponged on a layer of gold and black on top to create an ombre manicure. You don’t need to be neat with this. It is meant to look dirty and grubby but do clean the edges beside the nail with a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover.




Oh dear!

Oh dear has it been this long since my last post? I have been so busy with my daily life. I have noticed my nails had started to change shape. I wanted to give it a rest. But I will do some more nail art soon.

Mother’s day Special…

Mother’s day… As soon as I was born my Mum cared for me and gave me the best she possibly could. When I was ill she would look after me. She would discipline me during my childhood and taught me to do things, to learn the meaning of living. Now that I am an adult she would be there for support. To be a shoulder to lean on when I’m unhappy or someone to share happiness with…Happy Mother’s Day!

Themed especially for this months special occasion(Uk) is hearts and flowers. Use green and pink or as many colours as you desire…